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Improve your athletic performance.

At Hello Champ you learn what, how much and when you should eat and drink to exercise and perform optimally.

We translate scientifically substantiated theory in a language you understand, both in our extensive programs, practical master classes and in our interesting blogs and tools.

We create with our calculators complex calculations simple and our flowcharts and checklists make sure you apply everything correctly.

Our team of sports nutrition experts, led by Stephanie Scheirlynck, is ready to guide you to sporting success, regardless of your level. Get to know the world of Hello Champ today and discover how we can help you get the best out of yourself.


Test your knowledge!

The questions highlight essential aspects such as composition, timing and quantity of food and drinks. Take the quiz and get instant feedback to boost your performance!


Discover hundreds of delicious recipes that you can use before, during and after exercise.


You may not be able to train like a top athlete, but you can learn to eat and drink just as well.
The Hello Champ programs guide you step-by-step to optimal sports performance.

Sports Nutrition in Depth

The most complete program for cyclists, runners or triathletes in which you learn what to eat and drink, when and in what quantity to exercise optimally.

Ready to Race

Leave nothing to chance and prepare for your important sporting challenge like the best athletes. In Ready to Race you create a nutritional strategy that is tailor-made for you and you learn what you should eat and drink during the week before and on the day of your sporting goal.

The program adapts to your sport, the type of effort you will perform and the timing of your challenge


Hello Champ membership provides exclusive access to XL-blogs, extensive toolslive sessions, delicious recipes and monthly XL-newsletters about sports nutrition for endurance athletes. profit from discount on all programs and more.


Young Champs

Focus on healthy food and sports nutrition for children and young people. You will receive tools to make the right nutritional choices that have a positive impact on the growth and development of children and young people, and that positively influence sports performance.

Dealing with Injuries

Discover how nutrition/sports nutrition can be used to prevent sports injuries or to recover from injuries.

Focus on Strength

Both for endurance athletes who want to maintain their muscle mass and strength athletes who aim to increase their muscle mass. You learn what, how much and when you need to eat to achieve your goal.

Losing Weight & Perform

Learn the system to achieve and maintain your optimal weight based on your sporting level, age, body type, gender, planning your sporting year and personal goals. This way you learn to lose weight and improve your sports performance at the same time.


Hello Champ is the place where you can learn everything about sports nutrition. Using smart online programs with the best sports nutrition experts, you will learn in a scientifically substantiated way what, how much and when you should eat based on your sporting performance.

On Hello Champ you will find tasty and easy-to-prepare dishes, supplemented with blogs, checklists, flowcharts, calculators, books, fun quizzes and dozens of videos and presentations.

Stephanie Scheirlynck is the driving force behind Hello Champ. Stephanie guides international top players such as Nafi Thiam, Greg van Avermaet, Jolien D'Hoore and Koen Naert and works for World Tour cycling team Trek-Segafredo and for RSC Anderlecht.




I had been dealing with digestive problems since 2008, felt lethargic the day after a more intense workout, suffered from cramps and fatigue and had a very slow build-up of fitness and speed. Your knowledge was the missing link for me to become a better athlete, and I mean that very much.

Great that I know now what I can eat for which sports day or rest day. I find the amount of ingredients I need for 2 people very easy. More recipes to come! Everything I've made has been super tasty.


Fitness & cycling



Tasty and healthy, and good for the sportsman or woman.
No longer having to think about which recipe to prepare at what time, super handy!
Always a fast service, super complete information, recommended!

The information fits well with my sporting profile and I can tailor all guidelines specifically to my personal characteristics. I can now plan everything well and have already done so in the first few weeks achieved better results than during the past 2 years. Sometimes it is good to really listen to knowledgeable people!




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